MONDAY MIXTAPE: Julien Grassen Barbe

"Loup Vert & Co."

“Loup Vert” is the first jazz album of pianist Julien Grassen Barbe, for the occasion he is joined by double bassist Sébastien Bacquias and drummer Fabien Duscombs

Conceived and composed in the Pyrenees, recorded in the Paris region, it is an album of twelve tracks that responds to the proposal of Julien Galner, the producer and founder of the L'Histoire Inconnue du Disque label.

“Loup Vert” is the name of a fetish, a creature that breathes inspiration. Crossed by many influences, from Frédéric Chopin to Morton Feldman, from Erik Satie to Herbie Hancock, through Keith Jarrett, Madlib and Naftule Brandwein, Julien Grassen Barbe’s music opens a space dedicated to improvisation, melody, and the exploration of textures.

To celebrate the release of the album, enjoy a selection of tracks that inspired the new album "Loup Vert". 



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tracklist : 

01 In a Landscape - John Cage, Alexei Lubimov

02 Bruyères - Home Session - Claude Debussy, Vikingur Olafsson

03 Even now I think of her - Sebastian Rochford, Kit Downes

04 Paisajes: 2. El Lago - Gerald Clayton, John Clayton

05 Water’s Edge - Gerald Clayton, John Clayton, Justin Brown

06 Le Vaisseau Ivre (this is an exclusive from the album) - Julien Grassen Barbe, Sébastien Bacquias, Fabien Duscombs

07 Earth Wait - Imajin, Sharada Shashidhar, Jamael Dean

08 Shmulpiz - Imajin

09 Bhairavi Bhajan - N. Rajam

10 From Jewish Life, B. 54: I. Prayer (Live At Schloss Elmau, Krün / 2016) - Ernst Bloch, Mischa Maisky, Lily Maisky

11 Butterfly - Herbie Hancock

12 Haine pour aime - Jane Birkin

13 Jealousy - Slum Village

14 Space 5 - Nala Sinephro


artwork: Pete Diamond