Talking to the Tiles

In comparison to most of our readers I’ve known this guy for quite a while and since we think it’s our inevitable duty to share local talent to a bigger audience, we once again do: welcome Kaletta!

His life down in Germany’s beautiful but over the last years somehow a bit disreputable Saxonia district was a nice one, easy and trouble-free until he won two guest list spots to a loft house party next to Dresden via a city journal. That was it. The machines got him. Excessive genre hopping happening afterwards taking him from vulgar Thunderdome-CD exchanges in school to attending Loveparades, breaking limbs at Drum’n’Bass parties, and finally reaching the shores of flavour, as his first serious gigs in Berlin clubs have been a tasty mixture of House, Disco, Chicago, Detroit and some balearic infused eclectic styles. At the moment he’s fascinated by the understatement he finds in Deep House’s minimalistic approach of glueing together just a few elements of bass, percussion and shifting chords just as he does in this Monday, erm, Tuesday Mixtape.



artwork by another local talent:

Lale Willan