Monday Mixtape: Katovl Menovsky

Like Moonlight Hits The Ananas

The german phrase „Schere im Kopf“ (scissor in head) describes a narrowmindedness, self limitation, self-censorship, inability or phobia of trying something different, something new, something off the grid. Or a self-imposed restriction to do so. A typical night in Berlin’s club scene might give you the impression 98% of the DJs suffer from it. Not that there isn’t some sort of variety in general, no. You might get straight techno on one floor and some disco on the other while the club next door plays straight techhouse - for 10 hours. Rarely anyone is changing speed, genre or has the balls to make a break, do some odd maneuvers, take a strange path, do the uncommon. DJs tend to keep it clean, synched and safe, too afraid to lose even one dancer to the bar. Kinda boring if you check the second floor, bump into some friends at the cloakroom, go to the toilet, queue at the bar, coming back to the floor, having the impression the guy behind the decks is still playing the very same track as the one when you left 45 minutes before.

So far for 98% of the jockeys.

Then there’s guys like Katovl Menovsky. Chances are high you come back 45 minutes later and the same crowd that was dancing to some Italo Disco before now goes wild to a psyched out Kraut version, followed by some weird persian edit leading into a House classic. Always with an eye on the crowd, he varies in speed, rhythm and sound textures to share his diverse collection in dedication to the unforgettable jam. „Don't be hectic, be eclectic!“, as he states… World music, not world music.

You most likely find Katovl at his somewhat hometurf Salon Zur Wilden Renate in Berlin, where every now and then he’s having his Fin de Siècle parties or is spinning with Paramida at her Paradisco events.

Thanks, Katovl, for this no Schere im Kopf mix:


Black Deer - I Almost Had A Moment (on 33 RPM)
Francisco - Sequenza Basso
Beautiful Swimmers - No!
Zafer Dilek - Iste Hendek, Iste Deve
Stabil Elite - Agent Orange
Brujo Magic - Ananta Snake Dance (Long Version)
Finis Africae -  Radio Tarifa
Woo - Pokhara
Neu! - Drive
George Theodorakis - Stou
Wally Badarou - Endless Race
Achab - White Summer Nights
Taho Brothers - Bijli Bhari Hai
Curtis Corporation - Bad Woman

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