"taliy mix"

Kosaya Gora (English translation; Oblique Mountain), is a new indie project from acclaimed electronic producer/singer Kedr Livanskiy and experimental producer/visual artist Flaty. Kosaya Gora is an entirely new sonic direction for them both. Their debut "Kosogor" is out now on 2MR. The album is a multilingual foray into guitar-based folk, haunting dream pop, and moody synth, underpinned by Livanskiy’s signature hypnotic vocals.

"This mix creates a sonic and stylistic context for our new project Kosaya Gora"



Hobo Cubes - ephemera
Body Head - Untitled
Mark Airlie - Moderen Day Sisphean
Мотогонки - Ветер
Phantom Band - Loading Zone
Faust - Giggy Smile
Et Cetera - Mellodrama Nr. 2 A
Dead Can Dance - Severance
Sedative - 10
Дельфин - Штемпель
Fugazi - Lusty Scripps
Psychic TV - Thee City Ov Tokyo -Thee City Ov New York
Roland Und Die Dadadogs - Big-peace
Ron Chaudhuri - A. Easy Come, Easy Go Mumble, Mumble, Mumble


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