Quixotic Exotic

„Quixotic Exotic“ is our little helper for a good week’s start by Berlin-based DJ duo and couple Brax Moody (Munich) and Vamparela (Thessaloniki) a.k.a. Local Suicide. They have been collaborating since 2007, either as a DJ duo, in bands, or as remixers and music producers. Merging the rhythm and dynamics of Munich’s hip-hop clubs with the grime and attitude of Thessaloniki’s back-alley indie bars gives an idea of how to categorize Local Suicide: a straight-up energetic fusion of new wave, slow techno, post disco, acid house or as they like to call it “technodisco”.

As DJs they’ve played all over the world and on festivals such as Lollapalooza, Melt!, ADEOff SonarBerlin Festival and almost every club the German capital has to offer whilst holding down day jobs in the music industry and running one of the better independent music & lifestyle blogs in Germany. Rest assured that these two have honed their musical tastes and chops.

Having organized parties, festivals, and moderated radio shows for years, Local Suicide are just as much at ease inside the booth as they are outside. In 2014 their debut single “We can go everywhere” got released on Bordello a Parigi, followed by “Owl & Wizzle“ which they produced with Rodion in his vintage synth studio in Berlin that got featured on Multi Culti‘s first Compilation. It quickly reached the top 30 Beatport Indie/Nu disco Charts and was heading the Juno balearic/downtempo charts for a month. A remix for Digitalism and remixes of their tracks by In Flagranti, Richard Rossa, Iñigo Vontier, My Favorite Robot, Moscoman, Fairmont and Los Mekanikos joined their list which will soon be enriched by another one with Rodion this spring that’s going to be released on Mansisters' (Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer) label Sisters & Brothers, and an EP with Mijo and another one with Curses later this year.

So here's their contribution to fight your windmills. Enjoy!



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