To The Moon And Back

In a LOR mission, a main spacecraft and a smaller lunar lander travel to lunar orbit. The lunar lander then independently descends to the surface of the Moon, while the main spacecraft remains in lunar orbit. Only the main spacecraft returns to Earth.

Following a string of well-received EPs on Cin Cin, Exit Strategy and Get Physical, Belfast’s Gregory Ferguson a.k.a. LOR is remaining in Earth’s orbit while his superb LP 'Lunar Orbit Rendezvous‘, the first release on his newly minted label LOREC, charts a journey to the moon, translating the thrill of space exploration into 10 solid electro indebted numbers with retro sound splashes and cosmic flair.

While visiting the Lodown space center, LOR dropped off a mix that „centers around four tracks from my album which is out now. It was my pleasure to incorporate these tracks with some of my favourite new releases and try to maintain that lunar mission vibe. How lovely to be able to include Terr, Roman Flügel and Aera amongst others... I really enjoyed recording this mix!"

We haven't heard about Houston yet, but we're enjoying this too, Greg!




1. LOR - Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (LOREC)

2. Christophe - Unity Vibez (Futureboogie)

3. Joris Biesmans - Ollantaytambo (Aera Remix)

4. LOR - Command module (LOREC)

5. Olde Gods - Dear CZ (Atomnation)

6. Stevie R & CERPINTXT - Red Lemon (Man Power Edition) (Chapter 24)

7. Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin - The Alchemist (Roman Flugel Remix) (Systematic Recordings)


9. ZK Bucket - All In (Outcast Oddity)

10. Terr - Multiverse (Correspondant)

11. LOR - Journey (LOREC)

12. Leif Muller Teleshop (shtum)

13. LOR - Return (LOREC)


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video by Studio Crême