Mental Carnival, another kid of the former GDR that moved to the Frankfurt (Main) area in 1989 after the fall of the iron curtain, that soon got infused by the techno virus that heavily grew around Frankfurt at that time. In the mid 90s he frequently shopped himself to death in Frankfurt’s record stores, began clubbing and started DJing and producing soon after, which led into two album releases under a different moniker in 2005 and 2006. He’s known for a heavily trippy and psychedelic sound to lose time and space to and a good bunch of travels to Mongolia and China just opened him more for untypical and unlimited sounds of the world. Some seven years ago he finally settled down in Berlin, playing his trademark sound all over the city’s household name clubs, is part of the Kater Blau posse, released tracks on labels such as Deep Square, IME, Casa Caos (Brasil) and Quito Records (Mexico). His album „Terra Incognita“ came out last year on Muttis Mischkonsum.

And even though the mix he did for us is a deep and minimalistic techno maelstrom with mostly romanian producers and stuff out of the Perlon and Nerv area, chances are pretty high that you’ll get to hear Mental Carnival playing a pitched down slow motion techno set or non electronic stuff somewhere out on some after hour monday morning.

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