MONDAY MIXTAPE: monoblok & pslktr

sign o' the times

We don’t know why there’s so much excellent music coming from France right now. Probably there’s nothing else to do at the moment in La Grande Nation. (Despite the world’s opinion about french cuisine) It definetly can’t be the food as it's honestly way too overrated. Anyways, we don’t mind anyway, just like the matter of fact. So today, with Monoblok & PSLKTR, we have another two frenchies on our podcast series. 

For the few that don’t know the duo… they started their career with Remain & Siskid, residents of the legendary Pulp Club in Paris and guitar player for Blackstrobe. They have been producing for quite a while, joined forces some years ago, released on Notorious Elektro, Lebensfreude, Electric Sheep, a good bunch of amazing material on Remain's label Meant and remixes on Astrolab, Relish and Clouded Vision.

The podcast they did for us is full of more french pearls and some unreleased stuff. 



Currently Monoblok & PSLKTR are working on their next EP and they’ll launch a live tour at the release all across europe. Keep updated via their SC and FB.