Wild Boys and Leather Barons

Another local from the depths of the Glasgow underground is our guest today. MR TC a.k.a. Thomas Clake, a DJ and producer who’s running a club night called Night of the Jaguar out of the Art School and an affiliate of the infamous Green Door recording studio posse where he recorded „Soundtracks For Strangers“ that got released on Optimo Music end of last year and soon made a fuss on the dancefloors around the globe with its raw and fearless and analogue DIY dance material. His music and DJ sets hop genres, encompassing Leftfield Disco, Tropical Oddity, House and Techno whilst channelling the spirit of a youth spent playing in psychedelic rock bands in Luxembourg, listening to Krautrock and worshipping Lou Reed and David Bowie. We needed to ask MR TC for a mix contribution which got delivered some days ago. And what can we say? It’s a dark slow moving monster sitting in your neck for an hour. You better might check for bite marks afterwards. 

"Its all quite slow, dark and building“, he says…“the kind of thing you might hear me play at Night of the Jaguar in the first couple of hours of the night. It's all music I love and there are some unreleased gems from the Glasgow underground in there including a new one, 'Mobiliser‘, from me which will be coming out on Optimo Music later this year, 'The Baron' by Sordid Soundsystem (aka Stu From Green Door) which will be coming out on Invisible Inc, and 'National Handbag' by Leatherette, who are an amazing new band from Glasgow with a great live show. They were our last guests at Night of the Jaguar and their debut is coming out on brand new Glasgow label, Domestic Exile which is co-run by Conal who plays in the MR TC live band."


01 The Hypothetical Prophets - Back To The Burner (CBS)
02 Pitch - What Am I Going To Do For Fun (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) (Forthcoming Idle Press)
03 Orestt - Capture 7 (Everlast)
04 MR TC - Mobiliser (Forthcoming Optimo Music)
05 Toresch - Quedarte (Offen Music) 
06 Mr Ho & Heap - Collision Resistance (Forthcoming ESP Institute)
07 Sordid Sound System - The Baron (Forthcoming Invisible inc)
08 Monoblok & PLSKTR - Edit Service 35 (I'm A Cliche)
09 Golden Bug - Wild Boys (Les Disques De La Mort)
10 Autarkic - Asi Keta Ga (Forthcoming Disco Halal)
11 Mugwump - Schools Out (Manfredas Remix) (Subfield)
12 Leatherette - National Handbag (Forthcoming Domestic Exile)

There’s a few things upcoming for MR TC that you might be interested in, as there’s his new record „Surf & Destroy“ on Optimo Music in summer, he’s DJing at Optimo in London in April and his club night celebrates his 2 year’s anniversary on May 6th in Glasgow, where he’s playing live with Düsseldorf neo krauters Die Wilde Jagd with whom he’s also taking a tour round the UK in May.
Stay tuned via his
Facebook, Soundcloud and Night of the Jaguar’s webpage.
Now, watch out for your neck!