Imaginary Crisis

Ok, it’s Tuesday already, but as we received Naduve’s superb mix just a few minutes before midnight it still counts. You should know him, most likely you do. Probably because of his collaborations with Multi Culti’s Thomas Von Party on „Cobra Kush“, his sweetly grotesque remix of Last Waltz„Tunnel Snakes“ he did together with Red Axes or his „Race For A Handshake“ EP on Disco Halal last year. If not, here’s a few words from him:

„I’m Naduve, a Musician from Tel Aviv, working alone and with various friends like Yovav and Alek Lee (As Shame On Us), Abrão (as his live band), Nadav Spiegel and friends (as The Kloom).

Currently recording and mixing a piece for an exhibition in Tel Aviv museum of Modern Art. It’s a collaboration between musicians and artist and I’m working with Nivi Alroy, a fantastic being and friend. Our work is called high pitch and it’s taking materials from the birth of human voice recent scientific theories. You’ll be able to find the music, along 2 other collabs on a record made by the museum and local donors.

Soon there’s also a remix on Malka Tuti coming out - for Alien Alien which i’m thrilled about in so many ways.“

Really reads like Naduve doesn’t die of boredom, so we’re glad he found some time to start his gear, put his best tracks on and pressed the rec button for us. And it's sooo good.

„This mix was planned collected and compiled with a set of mind of rest - prepare for the hunt - some action - some result - then rest again. Go chase something while taking a brake.“




1. Lizards - Frontier

2. Zmatutsi - Dark Eyes

3. Cowboy Rhythmbox - Children of the Monolith

4. Spazio Palazzo - Globali

5. Nicola Cruz - Tzantza (Yor Kultura Remix)

6. Alien Alien - Miseria Miseria

7. Switchdance - Limbo Walker

8. Torn Hawk - Streets On Fire

9. Georges Rodi - Kaleidoscope (Naduve Deadline Edit)

10. Moses Boyd - Drum Dance

11. Slow Porn - Silver And Lust (Short Version For CD Only)

12. Naduve - Odd Bolonez  



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