"Truthahn Is Already In The Oven"

Honestly, I hate christmas. The festive lightings from your local bakery over shopping malls to public spaces, the advertised kids faces in glee, the year’s summaries showing everyday heroes from next door and pictures of starving syrian babies cut off as the next commercial break needs to be shown, everybody’s wishing for world peace when being asked for their deepest xmas desire, but giving away iPads, app vouchers and cheaply build clothes to their beloved ones. Jingle Bells and christmas swing by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra hailing from spots you never knew they had speakers to squeeze you into a cozy christmas feel, people hum and sing along even though they hate Sinatra and Martin over the rest of the year.

But with today’s delicious podcast by Marvin & Valentino they got me into that mood of forgetting all the above mentioned on the one hand, on the other I’m wishing for some cozy 80 minutes with a nicely aged whisky in front of the fireplace that I don’t have. The turkey’s already in the oven, right.

When we asked the two guys behind Public Possession, a superb Munich record store and great label born out of passion and dedication, we honestly didn’t know what to expect from them, as you rarely find DJs with such a wide variety of good taste. Their own releases as Tambien (together with Ben Bartellow) on ESP Institute and Public Possession and their artist’s records on PP can hardly be summarized into a genre, sometimes it’s even hard to find words for. 

So this is kind of a not surprising surprise - a mix entirely done of what people would call Bar Jazz, the easy way, the cozy way, the way to fade away and make peace with that part of the year I personally don’t like. So sit back, relax and… hmm, that whisky’s delicious. Goes along well with those guys. Tasty.


For more stuff visit Public Possession’s Soundcloud.