Zeitraubmusik (digg°itised by Andi Ernst)

Randweg’s album Equisetales was one of the big surprises in 2013. Out of the blue there it was: an overwhelming, one of a kind album that uncommonly fuses electronica with the sound of the clarinet, that often sounds more elctronic than you would ever expect, doing a flirt with the dancefloor. Randweg is the baby of Andi Ernst and David Baurmann who both met in Berlin in 2007. Andi, who’s playing the clarinet since he’s 12, might be known for his help on productions of Ripperton, Ellen Allien and the somewhat of a dancefloor mega hit „Swing Bop“ by Der Dritte Raum in 2008 and worked with James Holden for a cut that’s on Equisetales. David is a household name in Aachen’s electronic scene as a DJ and is responsible for the beats, but also for bits and pieces of bass and guitar.Their second album „Meanderlust“ (on Funken) will hit the stores this Friday and will be another genre breaker.

Since we were curious about the influences of Randweg we asked Andi if he’d be interested to assemble them on a mixtape - which he did. As expected, it’s nothing predictable, but he provided a playlist, so you know where the next two hour flight is taking you.




And if you happen to be in the Berlin area, make sure to catch a seat when they’re playing live:



1 Bugskull - Bring The Clowns

2 Pram - Space Siren

3 Birthmark - Find Yourself

4 Tortoise - In A Thimble

5 Quickspace Supersport - Superplus

6 Velma - Tricycle

7 The Chap - BITSS!!

8 L@n - untitled

9 Scala - Torn

10 Mouse On Mars - Bertney

11 Stereolab - Bop Scotch

12 Capitol K - Soundwaves

13 The Aluminum Group - Oxygen

14 The Sea And Cake - Sound & Vision

15 Randweg - Horsetail Blues

16 O´Neill* - Early Morning Surprise

17 Laika - Lie Low

18 Randweg - Morning Glory (coming soon)