heat wave

Young Parisian producer Alan Briand a.k.a. Shelter first got on our radar just about a year ago when he released his insanely good „Shelter Island“ on Plaisir Partagé. That’s a pretty good accomplishment keeping in mind that he just started the project merely a year before, right after he met Tanguy a.k.a. Master Phil and Dave from l'International Records, a favourite haunt of DJs and all kinds of music lovers in Paris and a place Alan hung out regularly. 

Shortly after they met, Tanguy and Alan started Plaisir Partagé (and sub label Edits du Plaisir), where aforementioned EP got released. His versatile sound that pulls on the Zouk, the Afro, the Balearic and the Ambient palette, his versatile approach and his magic that focuses on the melody with the beat closely tied in as support, soon drew attention to Paul Byrne and Mark Barrott, head honchos of International Feel, which led to Shelter’s „Zon Zon Zon“ mini album, a mellow balearic masterpiece that sounds like being trapped on Quicksand Beach on Infinite Summer Island. 

Keeping in mind that Mark and Paul had to pick seven out of almost 40(!) tracks for the album, Alan’s newest release „Banzawa“ (preorder here) is out soon - his 7th release within two years - we should be highly alerted on this young french producer.


The mix he’s serving here is a bunch of his influences and tracks du jour, „No digging secrets or crazy discoveries on this one.“, as Alan states. We hope you’re having your favorite ice cold drink ready. Large. On refill.





Plaisir Partagé

Master Phil

International Feel