monday mixtape: Skism

"Ghost Gear Museum"

You’ve probably recognized that we’re a bit on the brakes with delivering new mixes over the last months. This is for various reasons, one is that we actually don’t feel too well asking DJs and producers for free mixes when they are already having a hard time over the last year (and on) and probably needed to sort their life and bank account instead. We still try to get that going every once in a while as we think you, dear readers and listeners, need your dose of ear candy and have the right for getting it delivered on a regular basis.

And since we personally also deeply miss the escapism, the sweat, the fun, the excess and the energy of a night out in dark basements, makeshift underground venues and proper night clubs, it was time for us to do a little résumé of all the tracks the dancefloor was missing, wasn’t hearing in 2020. So me, also being a part of the Berlin night life as a jockey (being one part of the DJ team Wasn & Wunderwaffel), was just throwing those missed tracks together and put them in a mix. The mix actually started in 2020 with my girlfriend being my only dancing audience at home and ended a few bottles of champagne later in 2021 with the exact same setting.

Except for just a few tracks it’s all stuff that came out last year. Turn up the volume and dance like it’s 2019 or something.

Hope you enjoy this selection and let’s hope we all can have a serious not-so-distanced prance on the floors soon when the pandemic is over. Until then, stay safe, stay distanced, don’t attend those illegal bullshit parties and no, it’s not Bill Gates all making this up. It’s serious and the more disciplined we are, the sooner it’s over and we’re probably back to normal soon.

Sincerely, your friends over here at Lodown Mag.







01 Panthera Krause - Road To Arcadia (Rebolledo's Orange 911 Detour) (Riotvan 2020)

02 Tornado Wallace - Midnight Mania (Optimo Music 2020)

03 Feon - Round Earther (Invisible, Inc. 2020)

04 Colossio - Advertência (Duro 2020)

05 Bell Towers - Sexy Sexy Sexy Sex (Public Possession 2020)

06 Sauerstoff - Auf Der Anderen Seite (Macadam Mambo 2018)

07 Khidja - Kraftfeld (Lena Wilikens Remix) (Hivern Discs 2018)

08 Jonathan Fitoussi / Clemens Hourrière - Cymatics (I:Cube Remix) (Versatile Records 2020)

09 Sutja Gutiérrez - Rainbow (Lumière Noire Records 2020)

10 Colossio - Consciência (Duro 2020)

11 Yør Kultura - Shimming (Permanent Vacation 2019)

12 Bufiman - Apo-Calypso (Dekmantel 2020)

13 Mungolian Jetset - Orange Moonshine Mix (Malka Tuti 2020)

14 Transistorcake - Pina (Curses Edit) (Eskimo 2020)

15 Becker & Mukai - Dark Fields Of The Republic (Dreems Endless Summer Version) (SaS Ltd. 2021)


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