tales from the dungeon

Every once in a while we’re getting lost somewhere. Somewhere in the internet, not knowing how we got there, or somewhere in music, not knowing how to get out there. That happened some weeks ago when SC’s algorhythms sent me to the Serenades podcast #60 by Soft Metal and i got stuck, having it on repeat for three times that day. I had the urgent need to contact these guys for a guest mix. Now, about a month later, they delivered this instant classic.

Alexey Krjuk & Artem Ilevin, a DJ duo and producers from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, are the founders and ideological inspirers of Psychedelic Dungeon - a serial night at various locations in Russia, doing a monthly radio show at TESTFM hub with dub influenced music and released stuff on Disco Halal and the Serial Experiments compilation on Materiá, which we highly recommend. Next up will be a contribution to a Serenades 2x LP compilation out in May. 

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