It’s been a few years now that DJs aren’t afraid of pitching down records to minus 8 (or even more), leaving the common 120+ bpm regions of modern dance music. May it be drugs or may it be zeitgeist that people don’t leave the dancefloors, but even start to love it when grooves start to crawl, voices begin to sound haunted, become doomed, bass drums grab your guts like supersonic weapons. But there’s only a few that have mastered that sound, making it a trademark and keep the crowd going for hours as if they’ve just switched gears in the listeners heads.

It’s Sutsche (north german slang for relaxed, laid-back, fluffy, slowly) a DJ-trio that’s distorting dimensions into a slow motion version of what you’ve known about dancefloors. They’ve mastered it, playing in their own league of some sort of dyslexia when it comes to properly read the rotation references on records - chances are high they never even pushed the 45 rpm button on any turntable, their journeys click in at 90 - 100 bpm. What may sound odd totally makes sense once you enter a Sutsche-party. Totally. Enter ours:


Sutsche is Akaak, Martin Moritz und Gurss Von Dred. More info and dates here.