MONDAY MIXTAPE: : Thomas Von Party & Rodion

The Montreal Rescue Pt.01

If you team up Thomas Von Party with Rodion you probably might not know what exactly you get, but you know it will be on the weird corners of the dancefloor, the corners that don’t have a name yet but fancy with descriptions like Ceremonial Aprés Monoski Acid, Gay Sherpa Tribal Hop or Paisley-Confetti Filterhouse. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s always on the verge of exploring music behind horizons and a tongue-in-cheek experiment on how far can you take the dancefloor without giving away a hundred tabs of acid for free.

Thomas Von Party, mastermind behind the matchless superb Multi Culti label, brother of Tiga and A&R of his Turbo Recordings label, and Rodion, one half of Alien Alien, boss of Roccodisco and blessed with a truckload of releases and remixes on Gomma, Bear Funk, Nein, Eskimo, Les Disques De La Mort and, yes, also on Multi Culti found themselves behind the decks in Montreal a few weeks ago and recorded this one for us.



It comes in two parts - so your next monday will be saved too.