monday mixtape: tsukasa ito

colored ambience

Since we have no idea where you, dearest reader, are actually living and so we don’t know if you’re sun kissed or rain soaked, but we do know that this mix by Japan’s best kept secret, Tsukasa Ito will lighten you up, making weather something completely neglecteable. Once it’s on, warmth, glee, bliss, beauty, enlightenment is all there, doesn’t stop at the window, inside is outside, sun behind closed eyes. Tsukasa can do.

Tsukasa, a DJ and a record collector, digger par excellence used to be working at Cisco Records, where he had a number of great music experiences. After leaving Cisco Record, his style got more diverse, deeper - towards the genuineness and higher quality sound. Lately he is playing regularly at „Tabiji“, a monthly party at SHeLTeR in Hachioji/ Tokyo ran by him and Chee Shimizu, the owner of Organic Music with guests like Basso. Besides that he’s releasing his mixes on Soundcloud and does a regular contribution for the record store Ondas.

Now, deep dive into that one - no need to hold your breath. And we assure you: with a selection of tunes you definetely haven't heard before, he's teaching you a thing or two about music. Good music.