reign mix

Dele a.k.a. Unit-D is a German Londoner and DJ of 27 years with his heart set to play independently away from dance-floors and the mainstream. He loves deep genre mixes and colourful cross genre blends with authenticity and a soulful underground vibe. He first acquired a love of Rap in his pre-teenage years through his local skate club when the likesof Public Enemy, Ice-T, 2 Live Crew and De la Soul became standard bangers in his cassette recorder. 

In 1992 he started DJing in his bedroom when discovering the early magic of Techno and Electro at the Music Man record store in his native Cologne. Tucked away in the basement of a comic bookshop it provided a hi-speed gateway to spiral-eyed adventures in the underground and a passion for music and DJing.  Simultaneous visits to London fired Breakbeat / Hardcore and soulful Deep-House into the fold.

He organised the ‘Deadly Deep’ and ‘Nutek’ parties and joined the start-up radio Evosonic with his weekly show 'Moorden’.

A move to London in the late 90s as well as his early embrace of digital DJing brought about a vast expansion of his musical pallet. Chasing up the roots of core genres Funk, Soul, Boogie, Jazz, Reggae and World Music as well as the city’s own emerging genres Broken Beats, Dubstep, Grime. In this edition he serves up a booty mix with nods to his past.

The Reign mix flows with seriously low-riding bass and the swag of a 64’ Impala mixed with the charm of cassette quality bed-room productions. Slowed-down mixes, beats and bass with a flair of G-Funk and southern screw make for a relaxed pace drive.




Unit-D - Edit Opener Various - 2019

KevinTheCreep - Karmic Consequences - SIC Sunset 2 Outro - 2018

HPShawty - S.I.C Psycho Sounds - Dope Is 2 Reality - 2018

Dj Bucketz - Ready To Click Ain - 2018

KevinTheCreep - Creep Show 2018 Mix - 5150 - 2018

Delroy Edwards - SDF1 - 06 - Whats Yo Hood Like - 2014

Big Buddha - Thundabird - 2018

Dom - Gleamin - 2018

KevinTheCreep - Life Is 4 Learnin - Matrix Reality - 2018

KevinTheCreep - Life Is 4 Learnin - Matrix Reality Bonus Mix - 2018

Delroy Edwards - SDF2 - 07 - Slap A Hoe - 2014

KevinTheCreep - Stressville Trippin EP - Drinkin Wit My Foes - 2017

Shawty Snowman - Macintosh Plus - 2017

J Dilla - Dillatronic 33 - 2015

Ohbliv - LewseJoints V - Hood Love - 2017

Ivy Lab - DDATG - Vanity Fair - 2018

KevinTheCreep - Playa Classics 222 - 2AM- 2017