echelon does exist / ceremony

After recent outings on Les Yeux Orange, Bordello A Parigi, a bunch of electrifying edits on Razor-N-Tape and remixes for Roe Deers and Medlar, the mysterious and dynamic London/Paris based duo Mytron & Ofofo flex out with a follow-up EP that has broad-spectrum appeal on one of our most favourite labels when it comes to unpredictable dance floor gems - Multi Culti. Mid-tempo, pop-inflected disco for open minds, these tracks are as catchy as they are groovy, incorporating influences from all over the world, projecting shamanic one-liners and woke, truthful vibrations into a cosmos confounded by deep fakes and fraudulent gurus. All playable, 100% organic, best quality, happiness guaranteed!

Same can be said about their hyper eclectic, super energetic mix that def would keep me dancing as it bounces between disco, electro, touches of funky afro, world and rhythm heavy anthems, throwing chairs like the weekend’s still going on. Well, it is (here and there).



As if it weren’t enough.. along with that jewel we’re premiering for you, dear readers and listeners - and viewers - their video to "Ceremony", done by Ventral Is Golden who does most of the visuals for the label:


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