MONDAY MIXTAPE: Vlado Markovic

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Dunno, I must have been sleeping, but Vlado Markovic got onto my radar just some weeks ago when I stumbled accidentally over one of his mixes that got recommended by another great artist. I ended up spending the whole day listening to the big pile of great music on his Soundcloud page. Had to ask him for a contribution the very same day.

Vlado is from Podgorica, Montenegro, where he’s resident at the District Club, but also plays regional festivals and clubs in Belgrade, Split etc. as well as Red Light Radio/ Amsterdam and Potato Head/ Hong Kong.

He comes with a very broad and across the board interest in electronic music, spanning Techno and Dance related electronics, to Balearic and Ambient soundscapes, so you never know where his journey takes you, but you can be sure it’s gotta be a good one.

Upcoming next is a gig with legend Vincent Floyd on November 25th in Podgorica.

For us Vlado recorded a mix he describes as „I imagine it as Ron Hardy got lost in the Amazon with some records.“. We can feel it. Ron’s comfty there.



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