The Bath of Milk Alone in a Cathedral Mix

Vyrtus, musically socialized in Cologne via its Kompakt and Groove Attack record shops, is a part time Berliner, part time Marseillaise. Not the baddest foundation for life. After being sucked in by the sound and feel of his first synthesizers, followed by timeless arpeggio-orgies, he knew this would stay a part of his life for a little while. Or more. Every once in a while he’s got phases where he piles up  enough creative energy to sit down and make his own music. We hope he once might find enough energy to release it.

He’s also running the podcast series NUMAIRE with his good friend and DJ in crime Heiner.

And concerning Podcasts, change is important to Simon as you can hear in his mixes that can’t be determined easily by a genre or certain sound. Sure there’s a difference between mixtapes and his club-sets but he sticks to that general idea.

Same for his Monday Mixtape contribution. „The title describes it quite well I guess. Warm, moist and foggy paired with cold, wide-scaled cathedral feels. I wanted a vibe and theme that has to grow on you.“



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