group exhibition


Opening reception: June 13 (SAT) from 14:00 to 20:00
The event is free and open to the public.

June 13 – July 12, 2015
12:00 - 20:00 on every SAT/SUN & National Holidays
at HHH gallery //

The tools these artists use are simple: pencils, mechanical pencils, black markers, ink pens, ink brushes, and everyday ball-point pens. However, by carefully utilizing white space not as "blank," but rather as information to describe space and color, these 8 artists transform pure, untouched white canvases and paper into detailed and complex monochrome landscapes. To achieve this, the artists must enter a fierce yet meditative state of resolve as they add lines to slowly weave their worlds. 

MIKE GIANT: In addition to writing graffiti and designing tattoos, Mike Giant uses as single signature marker to depict modern icons. AARON HORKEY: Aaron Horkey produces works through a variety of analogue techniques; gold-foil press, embossing, letterpress, and finely crafted pen and ink drawings. SHOHEI: As an illustrator, Shohei uses ballpoint pen to depict modern-day manners and customs of Japan. TOSHIKAZU NOZAKA: While representing Japanese tradition and spirituality through the lens of an artist, Toshikazu Nozaka leads a double life as a skateboarder. KYOTARO: Through pencil drawings, Kyotaro shares her spiritual messages across a wide variety of spheres, including picture books and gallery exhibitions. SADAM: Sadam renders everyday skateboarding life and nature scenes in pen and ink drawings. OZABU: Interweaving elements of fashion and Japanese culture, Ozabu uses a mechanical pencil to draw jet-black fantasy. USUGROW: Usugrow has made his mark on the art world creating artworks in various mediums, namely brush calligraphy and detailed illustrations using technical pens. 

Within their respective spheres of the art world, each of these 8 artists have rejected hi-tech market trends, instead returning to simple, analogue methods of creation. In an age where the art world overflows with an abundance of art styles and mediums, their simple approaches to craftsmanship stand out, providing a sense of relief and freshness to viewers. Indeed this philosophy extends beyond just that of art-making, and may serve as a hint to those who find themselves lost in a massive sea of choices. 

In addition to original artworks, prints created by each artist will be displayed and available for purchase at the gallery (some artworks excluded). This will be the first-ever Japan exhibition for artists Aaron Horkey and Mike Giant. A Zine featuring artworks by all artists participating in the show will be sold at the gallery.