Mood Welcomes Tyson Reynolds

West Meets East

Mood NYC is a skate and apparel brand out of Brooklyn, NY established in 2012 by Calvin Waterman and Grandison Taber. Mood is focused on maintaining skateboarding independence while adding to it's creative relevance. For them, skateboarding has always defined what they do both on and off the board. Skateboarding immersed them into a world not only defined by the action of skating but by the art, the people, the music…the culture of skateboarding. It opened doors into the design world, for both Calvin and Grandison, and acted as a catalyst for much of their thinking. They founded Mood as a response to where they see skateboarding headed. As the skateboarding industry has grown, they see much of what they loved about it being pushed aside. Grandison and Calvin see Mood as an opportunity to bring some of that love in the form of new ideas back into skateboarding, even if only on a small scale. Mood works with an ever-changing roster of artists, designers, skateboarders and soon musicians. Together they collaborate on products, create unexpected content (from skateboarding to animation to short videos) and hopefully open a few doors to those that want to go a little deeper.

Tyson Reynolds is hailing from Portland, Oregon, rips in the harsh Northwest terrain and is staring is official welcome clip! Congrats to the latest edition to the Mood Family.

Filmed by: Tom Bender & Cory Williams
Additional filming: Max Henderson, Jeff Halstad, Cory Woods, Carl Larson, Sam Boren, Kurt Hayshi, Zak Allegri
Music by: