Nazi Knife #9.5

rahozah feres

This new issue of Nazi Knife is 32 pages long, printed in black and white with a glossy cover. 

Two series of collages, realized in the early months of 2013, melt together brick wall patterns, aluminum paper foldings, cardboard packages and military books extracts in a long and cryptic sequence. It alternates multiple layers and opacity, crude photoshop operations and delicate grey variations, going deeper in the fetishistic and fragmented fashion introduced in Nazi Knife #9.  The whole book can also be read as a silent reenactment of Kevin Costner's slow motion car crash at the end of Dances with Wolves. It has been published with the great help of Nieves. 

Head over to their webshop for more details on this and other available publications. Both issues #5 and #6 are now almost sold out.