New Albums

Autumn Haze Edition, Part 2

KURT VILE : bottle it in : Matador (12.10.18)

It’s still this blend of classic rock with folk, a bit of new wave and the occasional flirt with the avant-garde, there’s still this great, funny observations on life in his lyrics and obviously there still is this one-of-a-kind delivery of musical greatness - which easily could’ve turn into something far less compelling in the hands of a different songwriter. So business as usual, you’d asked? Yeah, in a way. There are not too many universal truths around anymore - but Vile releasing his best material yet with every new album sure is a relevant and very valid one. 9/10

NACHTBRAKER : when you find a stranger in the alps : Ouartet Series (01.10.18)

The debut album of prolific Dutch DJ/producer Nachtbraker actually is a very rewarding ride, it feels like the musical equivalent of somebody’s highly enthusiastic late night tales as he/she tries to woozily sum up the best club experience ever - the extra odd drum & bass track included. 8/10

CURSES : romantic fiction : Dischi Autonno (25.10.18)

The next entry on your new favorite label is supercharged with so many 80s influences - from new wave to post punk to new romantic to early EBM and back - it makes you want to punch a robot and fall in love again with leather in no time. 8.75/10

CAVE : allways : Drag City (19.10.18)

The Chicago-based band might have a soft spot for instrumentals high on repetition and syncopation, but that doesn’t imply that they’re easily labeled as post-rock - their music is and always was way too much in love with the possibilities of practicing the latest weirdo dance moves for that. “Allways“ is their latest stroke of genius, six jams that feel colorful and fresh and completely unpretentious. Great stuff. 8.5/10

YVES TUMOR : safe in the hands of love : Warp Records (out now)

If musical wanderlust is exactly your thing, you know, sinking your teeth into a very different genre on a daily basis basically, then “Safe in the Hands of Love“ could be this year’s holy grail for you. It sounds like the brightest (and boldest) mixtape you ever compiled for someone close to your heart, so true and weird and energetic it’ll glow in the dark. Borderless contemporary pop high on experimentation at its very best. 9/10

AUNTIE FLO : radio highlife : Brownswood Recordings (05.10.18)

The Glasgow-based DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist is back with his third longplayer, which presents itself as a musical diary fueled by extensive traveling. Some entries are just downright lovely while others feel a bit incomprehensible since you didn’t experience the alleged magic yourself. almost 7/10