monsters & weird things

Niark1's characters represents dreams and fears that rise on the horizon and shape into detailed monsters, who might catch you at night..

. Please introduce yourself
Hi, my name is Sebastien Feraut aka Niark1. I’m a french artist / illustrator living and working in Paris. I like to draw or paint monsters and weird things.

. How do you usually start your day?
Usually I have breakfast with my young kid and bring him to school. Back home I check my E-Mails and stupid stuff on the internet. Then I open illustrator and photoshop softs, trying to produce some stuff. If I’m not too busy on digital artworks I go to my studio to paint and draw.

. What is your earliest memory connected to art?
I always drew since I was a young kid. My parents would take me to museums like the Louvre in Paris. I was fascinated by the big paintings of the masters and especially by Egyptian antiquities with the sculpture of gods and sarcophages.

. Who & what is motivating & inspiring you?
I’m always looking for new art and visuals, go to a lot of exhibitions in galleries and museums, buy books and graphic zines, listening to music, watch movies, .. There are too many inspirations to list them all. 

. If you would be able to live entirely on canvas who would you be? Have you ever infiltrated yourself in your work?
Generally there is a part of myself in my artworks in an unconscious way.. Some of my creations are kind of self portraits. I try to add something very personal when I paint.

. What are your favorite materials & tools to work with?
I like to mix different mediums and technics like acrylic painting, spray, oil sticks, pencils, ink, .. On the digital side, I do a lot of illustrations and graphics on Illustrator fused with a bit of Photoshop to make some weird photomontages and add textures.

. How did the Bugaboo Colab come to life? What was the inspiration for the design?
Well, Bugaboo contacted me because they’ve seen my graphic visuals used for the Pharrell Williams live video projection during the international tour. They simply asked if I was interested to collaborate and I was a bit surprised by the support (as stroller), but found it funny and was down.

. If you could pick a superpower, which one would it be?
I don’t know. Something maybe like stop the time and go back in the past?

. Top 5 songs on heavy rotation
Phew, it’s hard to pin it down to 5 representative songs, ‘cause I like to listen to a lot of music and different styles. 
    •    Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm
    •    Horace Silver Quintet - The African Queen
    •    Squarepusher - Beep Street 
    •    Bjork - Human Behaviour 
    •    Soft Moon - Circles

. Words of wisdom
Never give up, do what you like to do and never listen to advices from other people.