Nicolas jaar

The Color of Pomegranates

Seemingly from out of nowhere Lodown favorite Nicolas Jaar delivered an alternative score for “The Color of Pomegranates“. The movie from 1969 was written and directed by Armenian artist Sergei Parajanov during the heydays of the Soviet Union. The movie is considered to be one of the big masterpieces of the 20th century - a biography of the Armenian Troubadour Sayat Nova, revealing the poet’s life visually and poetically. 

The film is a tableaux-like portrait that depicts the poet from his childhood to his death, including a love story and his entrance into a monastery. Its powerful aesthetic and provocative imagery made it one of the most controversial films to come from the USSR, and it only saw its (heavily sporadic) release in Western cinemas in 1982.

Jaar’s 80 minutes soundtrack features 20 original compositions, and you can experience it in full with the original movie. All for free. Check it our below.



01. Garden of Eden

02. Construction

03. Pass the Time

04. Survival

05. The Fool and his Harem

06. Being and Nothingness

07. Near Death

08. Beasts of this Earth

09. Fall into Time

10. Folie à Deux

11. Screams at the Edge of Dawn

12. Divorce

13. Three windows

14. Touristas

15. Shame

16. Tower of Sin

17. Kapital

18. Volver

19. Spirit

20. Muse