No Other Way

kwalks 4 SOTY?

Wow, that came out of nowhere! Kyle Walker (interview below) & Elijah Berle are killing it and the Vans team mates like Chima, Daniel, Geoff or Daan are adding to the stoke level! Make some time to watch this one on a big screen. These spots need some space!

"There's no better word to describe Kyle Walker than BOSS. Kyle is silently crushing the game on and off the board. He may not always say much but his skating speaks louder than most. I remember the fist time I ever saw Kyle skate in person thinking "what a Boss". Then getting to know him over the last few years I realized that his skating isn't the only boss thing about him. He lives his life everyday to the fullest, taking none of it for granted, always having a good time all the while never saying things just because. Speak up Boss were all listening.” - Nate Alton, REAL TM

dob 1994/1/19 
From Moore, OKC, “not too much going on there”
Lives in Long Beach
Started skating summer of third grade
How? traded a bag of chips for some trucks
Sponsors Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Volcom, Active, Vans
Fave skate video “This is Skateboarding”

What gets you hyped at a session? Having the Jambox going and blasting shitty rap with my homie Nakhel.

Best of San Francisco Just walk out of the house and bomb a hill. Get your blood flowing!

Best in soccer? Gilbert. But Cody Green has the most steez - he gets all Karate and shit. 

Which trick in “Propeller” was the hardest?
The feeble grind in Holland on my first trip with Vans was the toughest. Tim Zom was the first one who grinded that rail with really rough brick at the bottom. I was trying it for three and a half hours and loosing my mind.. At the run-up, Jason Dill was sitting in a tree and talked to me for an hour and a half. He kept me sane. I definitely wouldn’t have done it without him. I went through two boards and we counted 250 tries. At one of the last tries my backleg was cramping mid-rail and I had to hang on.. Rolling away from that feeble was the best feeling ever.

How did you feel the next day?
It’s always so nice, when you make it! But It really sucks when you try that shit for three hours and don’t get it.. But then you’re just thirsty for more and go back.

Did you take any painkiller?
Maybe a little advil, a few beers and a couple joints.

How can you keep up the energy for 250 tries?
It’s all about that one feeling, when you’re riding away.

Do you have a special technique, when you’re rolling up?
Mainly, you have to tell yourself “fuck it!”. Go with it and commit. It also depends who you’re with. Watch Chima or Ishod - they don’t even think twice. Just keep the flame lit as long as you can!

Shout outs To mom and pop - they always had my back.

photos Gabe Morford, Anthony Acosta