A non serious Skateboard bowl competition

Friday July 10th from 17:30 Location: Chalet / Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3 / 10997 Berlin

Music: Forty (Lodown) N. Lauda (Bright) & BWL & The Obey Fiend Club

A non serious Skateboard bowl competition in the coolest Berlin garden ever. Barbecue, beer’s and a real sick session to watch. This followed by possibly the best party ever, it’s also Chalet 10 year anniversary.

Challenges will be proposed and instant prize winning will take place without the involvement of cash but nevertheless very cool prizes such as an acoustic Fender Guitar / Sony’s best digital camera on the market / a surprise gift from Red Bull / a rare old Single Malt Whisky including a glass set and lot’s more... See you in a bit!