one minute's silence

andy weatherall has left the building

It's basically impossible to not have heard the news: Andrew Weatherall has passed away yesterday due to a pulmonary embolism - way too early at only 56 years of age. Since you might have read already a ton of condolences, heard all his work from his early Primal Scream works to Sabres Of Paradise to Two Lone Swordsmen to The Asphodells, his productions, remixes, mixes, radio shows throughout the day, we'd just like to leave a deep low bow to one of the most integral persons in the history of (dance) music. An upright and exceptional being, true origin, a master of transcending genres, cultures and generations like a Jedi. 



"When the superstar DJ thing started its trajectory, I was kind of in on the bottom rung playing Cream and all those clubs and I nearly went with it. But I was in these clubs thinking 'I should be playing better music than I‘m playing'. I was thinking 'I shouldn’t really be playing this music, there are far better records in my bag. I’m just playing this for some kind of hands in the air reaction'. So I just decided to take a step back. Music a lot of the time as you get older is about going backwards cos you start at a certain place – in my case 10 or 11 years old – and you’re looking for all the avenues and connections and when you’ve made them up, where you started is your favourite kind of music. In any music career as such that’s what you do. I got to the top of the hill and I thought the valley’s quite interesting, I’ll go back and live there out the way where no-one can disturb me."