Oskar Rink


The graphic dreams of German artist Oskar Rink are exhibited in Hamburg until April 25th at the Circle Culture Gallery.

Oskar is always giving a peaceful feeling to the visitor either when looking at her sculptural white collages in large-scale format, a dress made with paper or a painting with 'just' straight lines. On the occasion of this exhibition called “Schichten” five glass cases are providing the center. They seem to defy the laws of statics and gravity with a feeling of lightweight. Indeed, the main material used by the artist is white paper, for instance one of the work, the fragile, detail-rich sculpture dress in her photo-series EGLANTINE I & II (2014) is made out of paper. She turns the paper into a second skin by sewing a dress out of it, only to let it dissolve in water later on.

Rink has acquired the specific technique of transferring two-dimensional objects into a three-dimensional volume in her studies of Pattern and Design. Still developing them further, she consequently accesses more and more dimensions of representations. Although working on sculptures, Rink is also showing drawings and paintings acquiring geometric forms. Made especially for the exhibition, these paintings are a special combination of drawings and a wiping technique in oil to conceive the work layer by layer. The artist makes sure to display the process that is the traces of the manual labour within the work. At first sight, her paper works recall immaculate Japanese folding techniques; yet, these traces induce an unexpected roughness.


HAMBURG Bismarckstraße 98