Painted oceans

Painting The Red Sands Sea Forts

Artist Tristan Eaton is the driving force behind this ambitious project, as he assembled Shepard Fairey, Futura 2000, How & Nosm, and The London Police to paint the historical Red Sands Sea Forts located in the very rough North Sea. Check the official Kickstarter site here.

THE MISSION: To pull off the most ambitious and adventurous mural project in history. Artist Tristan Eaton has been given approval to paint the historic Red Sands Sea Forts off the coast of the UK with a team of world renowned street artists. The entire project will be recorded on multiple platforms, and will be immortalized in a full-length documentary film.

"These forts are a timeless symbol of resistance. Whether it's fighting the tyranny of the Nazis during WWII or fighting censorship in their Pirate Radio days in the 60's - they've always been on the frontline of defense against oppression. This makes them a perfect icon for the spirit of the street art & graffiti movement and I think it's important to share their story with a new generation." - Tristan Eaton