Paper Bullets

@ Hatch Sticker Museum

Don't miss the first fantastic sticker exhibition of Catherine Tedford in Europe. She discovered her passion for stickers while visiting Berlin in 2003 and collected over 10,000 examples since. She writes about political stickers on her research blog Stickerkitty and has presented papers at academic conferences in the United States, Germany, England, and Scotland. 

Publicly placed stickers with printed images and/or text have been used and spread for decades around the world as a form of political protest or to advocate political agendas. In the United States as early as the mid-1910s, for example, labour unions brought the first “stickerettes,” or “silent agitators” into being in order to oppose poor working conditions, intimidate bosses, and condemn capitalism and generally catch the public's attention.

Drawing from the private collection of Catherine Tedford, U.S.A., the exhibition includes and sets off political stickers from Canada, Egypt, England, Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States dating from the early 20th century to present day. Topics include labour, animal rights, the environment, gender and sexuality, football, consumer capitalism, surveillance, and police brutality.

Opening: 13 September, 19.00 h
Exhibition: 17 September – 24 October 
Opening Times: Wednesday – Saturday 12.00-18.00 h

Hatch Sticker Museum, Schreinerstr. 10 
10247 Berlin

In addition to this exhibition the urban art exhibition of the sticker museum stays open!