“When we become alienated from soul — our inner nature – we lose respect for outer nature, resulting in the pollution and degradation of the environment.” 

ALPA CAMASCA is the S/S 2018 campaign by PAWAKA and is dedicated to the vision of holistic individuals seeking a sustainable future in this vast world we all inhabit. The photos were shot in the vivid landscape of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea and are questioning the relationship between body, earth and material.

The Incan term (in quechua) alpa camasca literally translates to ‘animated earth’. “This non-Western reference invites us to rethink our place in the world by emphasising our connectedness to Earth. The human body is made-up of the same atoms and matter as the world around us; and, as thinking beings, we have the responsibility to nurture this appreciation. “

“Adrift in eerily extraterrestrial planes and beautified with futuristic dress, the models are wearing arresting colours. Dissonant, energised synthetics and artificial fabrics cover bodies, scenery and surrounding rocks. By juxtaposing these ‘unnatural’ elements and purposefully displacing materials in unexpected ways, this season’s campaign highlights the global threats of pollution.“

Photography : Viktor Sloth @viktorsloth 
Styling : Lorena Maza @lorenamazastyling
Creative Direction : Fa’ Empel @favelamunk
MUA : Roxy @rox_makeupartist
Muse : Kearvina Sohun @kearvina & Anne-Rixt Gast @foxy_trix