Pelago Bicycles


Enjoy the latest series from Pelago bicycles, their owners and the purposes connecting them. The first instalment introduces set designer Tobias Allanson and his Pelago Hanko.

“In my childhood my dad wouldn’t let me ride a bike until the road to our house was free of ice, so I would go out with hammer and shovel to break and clean it. If the layer was thick it could take days to hammer it out clean and then it snowed and froze again."

"Then skateboarding came to my life and the bike moved to the shed for some years. Nevertheless I would still daily use other’s bikes to catch a ride.”

“My work now involves carrying bulky objects to and from sets so lately I’ve been using a car quite a bit. This year, however, I made a deal with myself to have the “Get-Back-On-The-Bike-And-Leave-The-Car-Summer”.

“The only thing I dislike in cycling are bike keys. And the best feeling on a bike is at night. There’s not much that beats biking in summer nights. The bike itself is just genius – it’s the only man-powered machine that actually works.”

The film has been produced by Blam Studio
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