Peles Empire


Exhibition: 30 April —16 June 2016 at Wentrup Berlin

For their second solo show at WENTRUP, Peles Empire has designed a large-scale installation which is based on their many years of exploring the relationship between original and copy, and whose concrete starting point is the ensemble of spaces in the gallery on Tempelhofer Ufer. Strategies of optical flattening out and illusion, the transformation from 3D to 2D and back to 3D, and not least the question as to if and when a work can ever be understood to be completed — these are some of the motifs Peles Empire handles in their exhibition 1EYE 2EYES.

Even while they were students at Frankfurt’s Städelschule, the duo Katharina Stöver and Barbara Wolff began its research into Schloss Peles in Romania, a project that is not merely preserved in their pseudonym Peles Empire but actively continues. The castle, an eclectic building in the style historicism, programmatically represents Stöver and Wolff’s practices of appropriation and the re-staging of architectonic structures.

At WENTRUP, the new show 1EYE 2EYES includes a complete re-staging of the gallery space. New sculptures, photographic wallpaper, Jesmonite objects, carpets printed with photographs, and paintings form an all-embracing installation whose motifs have been generated from images previously recorded within the very same gallery space. 

Tempelhofer Ufer 22
10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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Tue-Sat 11-6 pm