the perfect game

by new era

New Era will release its latest pack within the Heritage Series, the Perfect Game collection. This series is made up of hand-picked headwear silhouettes, cotton-wool material and leather options. The collection celebrates the idea of an absolute and complete game with its importance within baseball’s global following. In the Baseball history, only 23 perfect games have been reported. It occurs when a pitcher faces 27 batters and none of them make it to base because they all strike out or are tagged out before getting to first base. To win a perfect game means reaching the Hall of Fame status.

To remember such iconic moments in sporting history, New Era has launched five of those world-renowned teams from the early 1980s to today: the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants. 

Available in European stores including sizes at: Starcow, SOTO Berlin, 43einhalb and Asphaltgold on February 12th 2015 as well as New Era flagship stores in London, Paris and Berlin.