blasts colors

Twelve local and international artists are clashing colour against a grey world with the Converse PHOTO CLASH at "Mein Haus Am See". Lodown joined in last night to get a glimpse of the first evening with Mike Friedrich, Bene Rohlmann, Blo & Saddo.

You can bring a photo along, or take your own using the "photobooth" at the venue to transform it into an original and personalized piece of art. The result is a collaboration between fans and artists.

„Mein Haus am See“, Brunnenstraße 197/198, Berlin-Mitte:

Friday, 4th of April, 6pm - 2am
Sera Young, DXTR (Dennis), Johannes Mundinger, Dome (Christian)

Saturday, 5th of April, 6pm - 2am
44 Flavours (Sebastian), 44 Flavours (Julio), The London Police (Chaz), The London Police (Bob)