the Pleasure pack

by supra

SUPRA is proud to introduce the Pleasure Pack a special colorways pack inspired by Sascha Daley, Dee Ostrander and new team member Oscar Candon’s pleasures: weed, whiskey and wine. Tying back to this trio’s respective ways of life & hometowns, the Pleasure Pack is inspired by local tradition, lore, and the pioneers who came before them. 

Each colorway is truly personal to each rider with a custom foot-bed, hang tag and goodie thus creating a unique, multi-dimensional pack.

SASCHA DALEY: Canadian, Sascha is pretty well known in Europe as his home away from home is Barcelona where he skates and hangs out with the Supra local crew. Along with confirmed fellows Ostrander and Candon, he gets his first dedicated Flow colorway for the Supra Pleasure Pack.

DEE OSTRANDER: Plucked from obscurity by a modern street skating legend, Dee Ostrander quickly made a name for himself with his burly brand of board riding, which landed him a spot amongst the legendary pros on Baker Skateboards. Hailing from outside of Antioch, TN, Dee is a professional skate rat incarnate, always down to skate whatever spot wherever he can. After a long recovering time is back in the streets, skating harder than ever, with his new Chino colorway. Cheers!

OSCAR CANDON: À votre santé! He’s been on tour with Supra since the UK Residency, Oscar paid his dues, got his first part on Thrasher “Oscar & Friends” and he’s now recognized on the international skate scene thanks to his passion and frank style. Gipsy guy, sport addicted and life lover, Oscar gets a new colorway of the Flow (after the Chino) following his pleasure: wine.