1UP and Polaroid present a unique artist live studio at Museum of Graffiti during Art Basel Miami featuring renowned artists and photographers, including Martha Cooper, Nika Kramer, Futura, 2Alas, Vhils, Mark Gonzales, Boo Johnson, Maya Hayuk, Eneri, Reds, Revok and 1UP crew. Bringing these individuals from a broad spectrum of urban arts together in this format is a first happening of its kind. The project offers an environment of cooperation, synthesis, community and exchange where unique art pieces are being created on the spot. 10 artists have been invited to get their in the moment Polaroid portraits taken by Martha Cooper and Nika Kramer. During a public painting sessions, the artists turn their enlarged Polaroid portraits into graffiti artworks in their signature style.

“A portrait is a feeling. It’s complex, filled with emotions and energy. It is pain, joy, love. When we create as artists, we tap into a feeling that gives us life. Art and instant photography have a beautiful correlation. It’s raw, analogue, tangible, imperfect. We wanted to bring together and build a community of international artists, all under the umbrella of Art Basel in Miami. One that is deep-rooted in community and kinship, allowing us to unite and create with people from different backgrounds and industries.” - 1UP Crew 

Both Polaroid photography and graffiti, are one-of-a-kind artforms, preserving the essence of authenticity. The rich heritage of Polaroid in creative culture overall, also resonates within the graffiti community since decades. A medium loved by artists that ignite experimentation. The artworks will be available for sale at the Museum of Graffiti, with limited-edition prints signed and numbered by the artists soon.

Photography by Harriet Browse