Police Shredding southbank


Usually when a policeman joins the skate session its to end it and move you along. Not this time!

2014 saw a huge victory for Skateboarding and subcultures world wide. The famous South Bank skate spot on the Thames river in London was threatened with redevelopment plans.

Somehow the creative and resourceful skate community managed to overturn a £100m scheme! It was a rare case of the few standing up to the many, the poor to the rich, the weak to the strong.

It united Londons skate community stronger than ever, and it's fair to say that they're not always the most popular people with the local police. But this day one young officer rolled down to the park with a different agenda, to show them how it's done...

Support the skateboarding activists trying to protect more spots and skate parks for future generations in London, whilst it undergoes rapid overdevelopment and gentrification. 


Wait what........ ??Vid by Mete Alpsakarya

Posted by Long Live Southbank on Friday, March 11, 2016