Es gibt nichts Gutes ausser man tut es.

DIY isn’t a passing trend, it’s more a state of mind, that has been embraced by hard-working individuals. It requires good spirits, preparedness to break a sweat and alertness to learn new things. Be willing to accept failure, but trial-and-error can be a powerful teacher. Erich Kästner once said: “Nothing good happens unless you do it.”
Besides men’s best friends, not many people were spending time in the very central area next to Berlin’s Warschauer Brücke. Until Jan Kliewer and Lennie Burmeister started to enhance the first DIY Obstacles in 2010. Four years of rough skate sessions later, the first extensions with Hubba, Transition and Kicker Gap in cooperation with the Bright Tradeshow & Nike SB followed. Finally, a month later the official authorization from the city could be ensured.

This year, the Project DSS came to life with help from Nike SB and the involvement of the local Berlin skate scene. The unique election process for the park elements were combined with four skate sessions at different locations. Locals were enabled to make their voices count and to elect the elements that would compose the future park. 

This process will be implemented as well for the design of the two planed extensions in 2017 & 2018. As this, the park will support the local community actual expectations, and create a positive socio-cultural impact for years to come. You should definitely stop by if you’re in town, the park is loads of fun to skate as long as the weather allows it. Just a block away is the Nike SB Shelter which welcomes you to withstand the darker and unfriendlier weather conditions. 

We caught up with the man who put the metal edges on the neighbouring Warschauer Benches and is responsible for the building of the park with Yamato. Let‘s gain some insights           through the park builder and German skate legend Jan Kliewer.

What was the igniting moment to start the first additions to the Dog Shit Park?
The lack of fun, interesting, versatile and accessible public parks in Berlin. 

What was the main challenge in this location & process of the park?
First finding funding. Then, when that was finally realised, getting the concrete from the truck (unloading at Helsingforser Str) to the site. We wer putting up to 130m of hoses in place every day plus cleaning and storing after! Those things are heavy as fuck!

The election process for the park elements was quite unique .. What would you change or optimize for further projects?
It‘s all about Diktokratie. 

Where do you find inspiration for your projects with Yamato Living Ramps?
Well, that goes back to decades of skating. Basically, the best thing is being able to shape what you want to ride. 

Please name five essentials for a DIY project.
Ideas; good ones at best, but not necessarily  – you can get away with failure. Motivated dudes. Motivated dudes. Motivated dudes. Motivated dudes. 

If there wouldn’t be any budget limits, what would be your dream project?
The beauty of it is: you can make something fun with so little! If you really want me to „think big“… a double loop, over-vert manny pad and diamond slappy curb?
But seriously, maybe just places like DSS replacing every shit prefab obstacle public park we have in Berlin! I’d love to see that!

> a democratic Project DSS timeline

17th of May 2016 > Launch Session - Project DSS at Pappelplatz: Voting for Hip (the Granit Rail won) & Best Trick Session Bump to Bar Obstacle

24th of May > Bowl Session at Titus Bowl: Voting for Center piece (Up&Down won) & Best Trick Bowl Session, Start of the 4-week buildingsite of DSS

31st of May > Foxtrack Race at Nike SB Shelter: Voting for Left Corner (Quaterpipe won) & Skate Race

7th of June > Ringpark: Voting for Coping (granite lip won) & Open Session

14th of June > Presentation of the overall plan at Nike Store & Curbsession

21st of June > Go Skateboarding Day at DSS: Presentation to the Berlin skatescene & best line session new DSS curbs

27th of June > Project DSS Opening Session in cooperation with Bright Tradewshow: Cash for tricks session on three obstacles

21st of June 2017 > Go Skateboarding Day session for the park extension phase two

21st of June 2018 > Go Skateboarding Day session for the park extension phase three