Purple Desert Rain God

invisible matter

It's no secret that over here, at the LDWN headquarter, we basically fall in love with each and every release the fine folks at Höga Nord Rekords are spoiling us with.

The latest proof just arrived in the form of a chuncky 7" by mysterious project Purple Desert Rain God - a new signing that's just a perfect fit to this particular label since they're not too interested in any kind of genre-affiliation either. The A-Side delivers a stunning piece of acid rock-informed madness while the flipside kinda provides the inofficial soundtrack to that raunchy and incredibly wet Krautrock dream I had recently.

To feed the mystery they’ve created with their debut, PDRG stated: deep in the purple desert is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense - but the Rain God is always one step beyond logic.

Get your hands on it while you can!