Radical Cut-Up

Double Book Launch

Date:          Friday, 8 November 2019, 7 PM
Location:   Studiolo Berlin, Aufbau Haus, Prinzenstrasse 85 C

Witness the Radical Cut-Up double book launch and presentation at 
STUDIOLO Berlin on Friday, 8th November 2019. 

Directed by Lukas Feireiss, Radical Cut-Up was a temporary Master of Fine Arts and Design program at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam between 2017-2019. The program celebrated the emergence and evolution of the cut-up or the art of carefully crafted juxtaposition as the contemporary mode of creativity and dominant global model of cultural production today. 

As Lodown brought RADICAL CUT UP in magazine form,
now two brand new books critically reflect upon upon the two year program: 

The theory book 
RADICAL CUT-UP: NOTHING IS ORIGINAL published by Sternberg Press as part of the Sandberg Series assembles text from multifarious eras and origins that share the urgency to question the dichotomy of original creation and appropriation. With contributions by Thom Bettridge, Marcus Boon, Nicolas Bourriaud, Lars Eckstein, Rachel Falconer, Lukas Feireiss, Joerg Koch, Jonathan Lethem, Lucas Mascatello, Paul D. Miller, Eduardo Navas, Tamar Shafrir, Robert Shore, Stacey Waite, and Jan Verwoert. 

Published by Possible Books, the second book 
THE RADICAL CUT-UP READER: NO SINGLE NARRATIVE brings together all of the program’s Master theses spanning topics as wide as post-capitalist strategies of civil disobedience, narratives of cyber-symbolism, financial models in the realm of digital art, models of history and time, queer club culture, personal histories, mushrooms, the electromagnetic spectrum, gender and hip hop culture, misogyny in Greek mythology, mirror neurons and the power of imitation, the city as character, scientific illustrations, Nuclear power and genetic crops in the future city, Wile E. Coyote, tricksters and a happy Sisyphus. With contributions by Adam Bletchly, Lou Buche, Daan Couzijn, Rebecca Eskilsson, Zsofia Kollar, Wes Mapes, Juliana Maurer, Barnaby Monk, Alex Murray, Fabian Reichle, Javier Rodriguez, Fenna Schilling, Farida Sedoc, Athony Smyrski, and Agustina Woodgate.