Radical Cut-Up

Back to the Grill

The follow up online exhibition

of Radical Cut-Up: 

Back to the Grill follows up on the work and progress of all 15 students one year since graduating from the temporary Master of Fine Arts and Design program at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam in the summer of 2019, which Lodown dedicated the whole issue with that same name. It offers a brief personal reflections on their first year since graduation along side with exemplary new works. 

Between 2017-2019 the Radical Cut-Up program, directed by Berlin-based curator Lukas Feireiss, celebrated the emergence and evolution of the cut-up as the contemporary mode of creativity and dominant global model of cultural production today. Radical Cut-Up encouraged its participants to copy, combine, create and celebrate experimental forms of creative production. Following an experimental approach, Radical Cut-Up united theory and practice by providing a new perspective in the contemporary educational landscape. 

Participating artists: Adam Blechtly, Lou Buche, Daan Couzijn, Rebecca Eskilsson, Zsófia Kollár, Wes Mapes, Juliana Maurer, Barnaby Monk, Alex Murray, Fabian Reichle, Javier Rodriguez Fernandez, Fenna Schilling, Farida Sedoc, Anthony Smyrski, Agustina Woodgate.