Modestly Ambitious

Some ten years ago a handful of friends took off to leave their unique musical footprint on an already vibrant scene via an unagitated approach to intelligent collective thinking - or crew love, if you will. A decade later, Keinemusik proved itself to be an indispensable force in today’s clubland and beyond.

Consisting of Rampa, Adam Port, &Me, Reznik, and Monja, Keinemusik’s success story isn’t only based on the collective’s outstanding musical output though, as community, personality, flow and fully immersing DIY-culture add crucial nuances to a picture that offers much more than the simple sum of its parts.

“Even after all these years we still get along very well, surprisingly. Things actually even got kinda easier because there’s a good balance of egos at Keinemusik. There’s no envy involved, we all cross-promote each other since day one“.

With countless remixes and releases for mirrorball heavyweights such as Innervisions and Cocoon under his belt, Rampa usually prefers to let his music do the talking. For Telekom Electronic Beats he made a rare exception, as he’s not only opening up about his approach to making music and his many side projects, but provides rare insights into his personal life and passions such as skateboarding, fiddling with guitar pedals and fashion, to name just a few.

Rampa’s very first podcast ever, published on Telekom Electronic Beats, offers an exclusive look behind the curtain - what you’ll find there suggests that the first ten years of Keinemusik are actually just the prolog of something way bigger. To be continued.

drawing by Stefan Marx
images by Lukas Korschan (and personal archive)