Raving Iran

Iran's Illegal Techno Scene

“Raving Iran“ is a new music documentary, following the plight of two young underground electronic music DJ's following their dreams in a country where Western music is illegal.

To contextualize the dangers they face, six Iranian youths were arrested for appearing in a viral video dancing to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ and sentenced to jail time and 91 lashes each.

They illegally throw raves in the desert and distribute their album, and struggle with their secret lives, until the biggest Techno festival in the world invites them to perform, granting them the chance to leave Iran on temporary visa. However, this oppertunity faces them with many new questions and challenges: will they return home and ever see their family again?

Directed by Susanne Regina Meures, there is no cinema release date yet but the film is touring several festivals this year.

April 15-24 – Vision du Reel, Nyon
April 28 – May 8 – Hot Docs, Toronto
May 5-15 – DOK.fest, Munich
May 12-18 – Bel Docs, Belgrade
May 26-June 1 – Iranian Film Festival, Zurich