Respect Your Roots Series

with adidas superstars

adidas skateboarding honors Kareem Campbell, Joey Bast, Drake Jones and Richard Angelides for its Respect Your Roots tribute series.
These four skateboarding pioneers were early adopters of the Superstar aka Shelltoe for both style and function. adidas pays homage to their contributions to the progression of modern street skating. Four different capsules comprised of a Superstar in a signature colorway, silhouette, and a sublimated graphic T-shirt featuring historic action photography pay special tribute to each rider’s legacy.

Kareem Campbell (World, City Stars, Axion, Droors, ..) > Photo by Rick Kosick > Los Angeles, 1997    

Drake Jones (Real, FIT, ..) > Switch Frontside Flip > Photo by Gabe Morford > San Francisco, 1997

Richard Angelides (Rhythm, Expedition, ..) > Switch Backside Heelflip > Photo by B. > Barcelona, 2004

Joey Bast (Real, FIT, Planet Earth, ..) > Switch Smith > Photo by Gabe Morford > San Francisco, 1998

Kareem Campbell and Richard Angelides tribute collections will be available at select retailers on April 3, following with Drake Jones and Joey Bast on June 1. In celebration of the collection releases, adidas will host two launch party events at retail destinations that hold stake in the heritage of the four riders —the first on March 28 at the KAYO Store in Los Angeles and the second on May 30 at FTC in San Francisco. Each event will a feature special guest appearances from Campbell, Bast, Jones and Angelides along with an installation featuring a projection of a special edited mixtape of archival footage of the four riders, DJ spinning nostalgic tracks from 90s skate videos and hung photography. 

On another note.. Lodown fella Sami Harithi (bottom bw photo) would defintely match the Respect Your Roots tribute series perfectly.. Kickflip in 1997 at Nationalgalerie Berlin.