Issue Out Now

Berlin-based music magazine RISIKO publishes its forth issue - and this time around it's all about female artists!

This issue centres on female "POP!" artists and delves into their relationships and inspirations. Beginning with a spotlight on Malaria!, the magazine then takes a look at current young artists. Furthermore, it explores connections that transcend nations and eras, such as Anika and SQÜRL or Nina Hagen and Isolation Berlin.

The cover artwork, logos and fonts using only dots were created by Hiroshi Iguchi, a graphic designer based in Tokyo. Drawn with a series of dots, he created a unique piece that depicts a fictional band consisting of some of the featured artists.

All of the text is written side by side in English and Japanese with the aim to distribute RISIKO outside of Germany. To celebrate the newest release, RISIKO presented its fourth issue on 8 - 10th of December at OBEY Art Space Berlin, accompanied by an exhibition and pop up store. The issue will also be distributed overseas, starting January 2024.